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Just Do Something

I cannot remember a time when I did not want to be an entrepreneur. As a kid, I invented things like a water recycling drinking fountain and thought about starting my own chain of vending machines. The problem was that all I ever did was think. I have long known that the only way to get anywhere is to just start, but I am a thinker and all the possibilities scared and stopped me. I have been asking myself, “What should I do?” for over a decade now and I have finally decided on “anything, Phillip, just go!”.

So what’s the plan?

Earlier this month I watched a talk by Pieter Levels on building twelve startups in twelve months. Just do something! So that is what I have decided to do. I will be working my full-time job during this, so I will have between twelve and sixteen days to work on each project per month. They will be prototypes that I will release and promote to see if I can get organic growth. For more information on the process watch Pieter’s talk.

Follow my journey

I am starting my first project tomorrow, April 1st. You can follow along here on my blog where I will be posting updates, lessons learned, etc. and on my twitter where I will be posting smaller updates/thoughts.